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Rocking Granny
Ah Granny… rocking on the porch in her old rocking chair… wearing her hospital gown… spitting tobacco juice at small children, relatives, nurses, orderlies, doctors, police, and anyone else who got close enough.

Relieve those memories (or threaten to give them to people) with this wonderful animatronic.

Just put her in a chair and Granny will rock back and forth, periodically muttering to herself and laughing from time to time. A CD soundtrack is included (so obviously you’ll need a CD player or something… no, we ain’t providing one, use yer own!) You’ll also have to provide a chair. Oh, and some electrical power.

Clothing may vary from shown. No, we don’t know how or why, we’ve been warned so we’re passing the information along to you. Why? Because we like you- um… no, that can’t be right, lemme check the script here… oh yes, here we are: Why? Because we don’t want to hear your plaintive wailing about the color of the dots not being exactly as you thought they would be, you little weasel! Yeah, that’s more of the ol’ Manor spirit… heh heh heh…


Item code: DU2004
Price: $289.99